Welcome to the new Forced 1 Music website. Take a look around and check back as I am still changing and adding things.


Check out this video! I got the opportunity to put a beat on for the Golden State Warriors Weekly Warriors Show! Thank you for all the support and feedback! Also Much love and Respect to my cuzin Allan!Thank you again for looking out. -FORCED1

Updating soon. Sorry for the delay but I do everything myself! -FORCED 1

The first album release on Breadman Records titled "Goin' Hollywood" will be in stores next month. I produced beats on the album for other Bay Area artists such as Nefew, Young DS, Young Rob, and more.

I was also featured on a Mix CD "Pay Me or Pay Me no attention vol.1" in stores now under Cencere's Recockanize Records. Check my about page for links to his myspace.

KEEP COMING BACK! New vidoes,Pictures,beats to listen to and things to purchase are coming soon! So check back and tell a friend for me. Thank you -FORCED1


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